Redundancy Support

A simple guide to the Redundancy Payments Service, RPS.

When businesses close due to insolvency, employees are made redundant through no fault of their own. This site is for employees who have recently been made redundant by an insolvent company or are concerned that they are about to be made redundant by an insolvent company. 

If this happens you may be able to claim redundancy and other payments from the Government's Redundancy Payments Service, RPS.  Here at RPS Assist, we explain what you can claim and how to claim it. We also provide guidance on other related issues like managing money and your personal relationships after redundancy.


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If you are being made redundant by a solvent company find more information here.

Need Help Now?

Going through redundancy can be incredibly challenging. We now offer a service to help you expedite your claim.

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Claiming your RPS payment

The Government can take up to 10 weeks to make a payment, but we can help you access funds within 2 days

Try our calculator today to see how much you’re owed. If you’re interested in having access to some of your money within two days, we’ll give you details on how to claim sooner, along with your calculation.

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