Emotional Wellbeing

Redundancy is often a difficult and emotionally challenging time, so it is important to take care of your emotional well being.

You might feel a sense of loss. You may feel angry with yourself, others, or just with life generally. Maybe it has been a knock to your confidence, or financial challenges are worrying you. Or maybe it’s a bit of a relief! Perhaps your job has been uncertain or unstable for some time, or you are relieved to take a break from your workload.

Whatever you feel, your outlook is important. Try to see your situation as a new challenge, rather than as a problem. Most people who are made redundant are not directly responsible for their situation. Being made redundant  from an insolvent company is not a reflection on your abilities. Finding new employment can be a difficult process, but don’t let it demoralise you. Every application, job interview and meeting is a step towards gaining new employment.

Don't ignore negative feelings

Don’t ignore negative feelings, but find someone you can trust and talk it through with them. Ignoring personal problems and feelings will not make them go away. Look after yourself and take breaks from your tasks like job hunting to do things you enjoy. Keep up with friends and take care of your health and wellbeing. Use any extra free time you have in the best way you can.


Mental Health Support

If you are concerned about your mental health, NHS provides support, information and services. It is normal to be emotional and have negative feelings about losing your job. To help you identify whether these are in the range of normal or are signalling that maybe you should consider seeking help try this self assessment tool.


To find out more about mental health issues, visit NHS Mental Health