What to expect

When a business becomes insolvent and employees are made redundant it can be a very confusing time. On this page we set what may happen when an Insolvency Practitioner is appointed.


If you are made redundant by an insolvent company this site is designed to help with practical issues, including whether, and how much, you can claim from the Government.  

Will I be made Redundant?

When your employer becomes insolvent, you may be made redundant either immediately or during the following weeks.

Alternatively your employment may be transferred to a new employer if the business is sold. If this happens the Transfer of Undertakings (TUPE) rules will apply. These are designed to protect your rights. 

To find out more about the Transfer of Undertakings rules, click here.


What can I do if I am made Redundant?

If you have been made redundant by an insolvent company we suggest you:

Find out whether you can claim money from the Government and how much.

Make a plan for finding new work, and think about your finances.

If you feel overwhelmed, disappointed, or any other negative feelings about your redundancy, you are not alone. If you need more information on coping with redundancy, read our pages about Impact on Relationships and Emotional Wellbeing.