Redundancy Claim Process

If you have been made redundant through the insolvency of your Employer, you may be eligible to claim money from the Government. To claim for redundancy monies owed, including  arrears of wages and unpaid holiday pay, you need to use the Redundancy Payment Service, RPS.

You can claim from the Redundancy Payments Service if all of the following apply:

  1. You are an employee of the insolvent company (as opposed to a contractor). Click here to clarify your employment status. 
  2. Your employer is formally insolvent or is in the process of entering into formal insolvency.
  3. You have any unpaid wages, holiday pay, redundancy or notice pay. 

The RPS asks lots of questions. The process is fairly straight-forward, but it helps to have the information you need to hand.

At RPS Assist, we want to help make your claim for redundancy payments online as easy as possible.  We have outlined everything that you need to know about claiming redundancy payments after your employer has gone into insolvency.

To find out how much money you may be entitled to, use our RPS Claim Calculator:

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The Claim Process

The claim process falls into two steps:

  1. Verify your identity using the GOV.UK Verify website
  2. Complete the redundancy claim process on the GOV.UK website

For help and advice about each step, start by going to step 1: the GOV.UK Verify process.

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